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How To Become A Resident

Becoming a resident at Abrams Assisted Living is like a dream come true; residents receive 3 meals a day plus snacks, live in a fully furnished private studio with all utilities included, enjoy a robust activities calendar, are cared for by our highly trained staff, and so much more!

Abrams Assisted Living Application Process to Become a Resident

Applying to live at Abrams Assisted Living doesn’t have to be challenging. Click on the steps below and follow the instructions for a quick and hassle-free application process.

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  1. Get Certified by Medicaid


Abrams Assisted Living is a 100% Medicaid community. Therefore, all residents must qualify for Medicaid’s Elderly and Persons Disabilities Waiver Program (“EPD Waiver Program”).

Keep in mind that it can take 45 - 60 days from the time you submit your completed packet to receive an approval or denial.


Folks that qualify generally meet the following criteria:

  • Are a resident of the District of Columbia

  • Are 65+ OR are 18+ and have a disability

  • Need assistance with daily activities like dressing, preparing meals, and housecleaning

  • Have a monthly income of less than $2,382 and have less than $4000 in countable assets.

We recommend you reach out directly to the Department of Aging and Community Living to determine your eligibility. You can reach them at 202-724-5626. 



    2. Schedule a tour

Are you ready to schedule a tour of Abrams Assisted Living?

On the tour, our team will provide you and your family members the information you need to determine if Abrams Assisted Living is the right place for you to call your next home. (Your visit will last from 30-60 minutes)

To schedule a tour call us at (202) 621-7300 or email our Admissions Director at



Here’s what a typical tour looks like:


Arrive at Abrams Assisted Living and meet with someone from our Admissions Team. They will tour you around the community and answer any questions you have about Abrams Assisted Living. They will also help you complete an application to Abrams Assisted Living (see document below).


To determine if Abrams Assisted Living can accommodate your specific needs, immediately after your tour someone from our Health Services team will do your Pre-Assessment. They will ask you some preliminary questions about your care needs to ensure that you are a good fit for Abrams Assisted Living.

Click here to download Abrams Assisted Living's Application for Residency form.

    3. Schedule an appointment to apply for LIHTC and LRSP

Now that your Abrams Assisted Living application and Pre-Assessment have been approved, you must schedule an appointment with our Eligibility Specialists to move forward with your applications. Our team is here to ensure you meet the community’s income requirements - All residents at Abrams Assisted Living must have an income that is less than 30% of the Area Median Income.


To schedule your appointment, click here.



Please read each document below carefully before your appointment.

You are strongly encouraged to come prepared with the required documents.

  1. Click here to download the LIHTC Check List

  2. Click here to download the LIHTC Packet - DC

  3. Click here to download the LRSP Application

Here’s what typical appointment with our Eligibility Specialists looks like:


Meet with Leah and Sheron, our Eligibility Specialists. Leah and Sheron will help you complete two applications. The first application called a LIHTC (pronounced “lie – tek”) determines your financial eligibility. The second application called an LRSP application (pronounced “el-r-es-pee”) helps residents qualify for a subsidy to help cover some of their living costs. (Your visit will last approximately 60 minutes)

    4. Application Processing

Once your applications are complete, we’ll send them for processing. This typically can take about 30 days.

Please keep in mind additional information may be requested as applications are reviewed. We’ll make sure to update you periodically on the status of those applications.

    5. Get final sign off from your doctor

While your applications are processing, reach out to your doctor about filling out a medical certification form.


Click here to download the Medical Certification form.

This form must be filled out within 30 days of move-in.

Please note that some doctors prefer to re-evaluate you prior to filling out the form.

    6. Sign your lease and get ready to move in!

You are ready to sign your lease after:


  • You’ve applied to Abrams Assisted Living

  • Your EPD Waiver application has been approved

  • Your LIHTC application has been approved

  • Your LRSP application has been approved

  • Our Health Services Director has completed your assessment and approved your admission.


Our Admissions Director, will reach out to you to schedule a convenient time to sign your lease. And if you’d like, you can move in that same day!





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Step 6

We look forward to having you as a resident at Abrams Assisted Living!

If you have any questions please contact us at, 

(202) 621-7300 or fill out the contact form here.

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